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Doublecheck Home Inspections Ottawa says “Please Read Contract”

The first step in any home inspection is to read and agree on the contract. As a courtesy, we have provided a sample contract here in PDF format. We have also provide the CAPHI Standards of Practice. for home inspection so you can become more familiar with the home inspection process. Please take your time to read these 2 documents carefully and in their entirety.

Before submitting a home inspection request.

Once you have reviewed and signed the contract, the home inspection process can start. If you have questions before, during or after the inspection, please contact your home inspector. Payment is required at the end of the inspection. You may pay by cheque, cash or E-Transfer.

Preparing for the Home Inspection-Ottawa Checklist

Your home inspector will usually be early for the inspection, however unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. Please make sure that your home inspector has a telephone number in advance to contact you should such a situation arise. Set aside time to attend the entire home inspection.

Come prepared with pen and paper to take notes, as some details beyond the scope of the inspection may not be recorded in the inspection report. Prepare a list of questions. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, including appropriate outdoor clothing.

The Home Inspection Process

Most home inspection takes two to three hours, depending upon the size of the property, the defects found and the time taken for consulting and discussion during the home inspection.

Upon arrival, your inspector from DoubleCheck Home Inspectors Ottawa will introduce himself and give you an overall review of the home inspection process. We suggest that you accompany the home inspector throughout the inspection/consultation process so that you see the defects discovered. However, you will not be allowed to go on the roof or up the inspector’s ladder, as you are not covered under his insurance.

If you choose to not go outdoors, or are not able to be with the inspector all the time, he can summarize the different portions of the inspection with you as they are recorded in the inspection report.

Discussion is an essential part of the home inspection process. Please feel free to ask questions at any time either during or after the inspection. This will assist you in subsequent matters relating to the property whether you are buying, selling or renovating. Remember: This is your one time in with the inspector at this home. Don’t be shy about asking questions and take many notes!

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Located in Ottawa, DoubleCheck Home Inspectors Ottawa provides professional home inspection services for homeowners and businesses across Eastern Ontario.

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CMHC Information
Central Mortgage and Housing Canada (CMHC) www.cmhc.ca has a wealth of information on home ownership, some of which is noted below. CMHC is located at 800 Montreal Road in Ottawa. You may wish to e-mail or contact them by: telephone at 1-800-688-2642, or by fax at 1-800-245-9274

Order No. Series No. Title from About the House Series
62027 CE 2 Measuring Humidity in Your Home
62028 CE 2 Combustion Gases in Your Home
62029 CE 3 Asbestos
62030 CE 4 Hydronic Radian Floor Heating
62031 CE 5A Understanding Window Terminology
62032 CE 6 Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI)
60515 CE 7 After the Flood
60516 CE 8 Fighting Mold: The Homeowner’s Guide
62043 CE 9 Maintaining Your HRV
60339 CE 10 Wood Heat Safety in an Emergency
62034 CE 13 Attic Venting, Attic Moisture, and Ice Dams
62035 CE 14 Soot Staining on Carpets
62037 CE 17 The Importance of Bathroom and Kitchen Fans
62038 CE 18 How to Read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
62039 CE 19 Insulating Your House
62041 CE 22 Your Furnace Filter
62046 CE 25 Carbon Monoxide
62277 CE 26a Hiring a Contractor
62351 CE 26b Sample Renovation Contract
62045 CE 27 Choosing a Dehumidifier
CE 28 The Renovation Project (12 Parts)
62246 CE 28a Assessing the Renovation Project
62248 CE 28b Renovating Your Basement Structural Issues and Soil Conditions
62250 CE 28c Renovating Your Basement Moisture Problems
62252 CE 28d Renovating Your Kitchen
62254 CE 28e Renovating Your Bathroom
62256 CE 28f Window and Door Renovations
62258 CE 28g Repairing or Replacing Roof Finishes
62260 CE 28h Repairing and Replacing Materials Exterior Walls
62264 CE 28j Energy Efficient Retrofit The Building Envelope
62266 CE 28k Assessing the Comfort and Safety of Mechanical Systems
62268 CE 28L A New Addition
62044 CE 29 Should you get your Heating Ducts Cleaned?
63322 CE 30 Water Damage, Mold and House Insurance
62839 CE 35 Hiring a Home Inspector
64066 CE 38 How to Reduce Chemical Contaminants in Your Home
62935 CE 39 Buying a Toilet
62896 CE 41C Water Filters
62996 CE 42 Canada’s Construction System
63134 CE 44 Painting: Walls, Ceilings and Floors
62144 CE 45 Flooring Choices
63218 CE 47 Home Maintenance Schedule
63227 CE 48 Replacing Your Furnace
63495 CE 55 Selecting a Home Builder
63637 CE 56 Preventing Falls on Stairs
63683 CE 58 The ABCs of Windows
63911 CE 59 Should You Test the Air in Your Home for Mold?
64092 CE 61 Renovating Your Basement for Livability
64949 CE 63 Accessible Housing by Design Ramps
64961 CE 64 Accessible Housing by Design Appliances
63904 AE2 Reducing Noise in Your Apartment
65013 AE3 Dealing with Power Outages
65050 AE4 Fire Safety
65041 AE5 Improving Your Security and Safety

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) also has useful information, some of which is listed following.

  • Dwellings: Energy Conservation
  • Consumers Guide to Buying Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors
  • Dwellings: Insulation
  • Insulation: Heat
  • Keeping The Heat In