Pre-Renovation Inspection

So you would like to do a renovation? What is behind that wall? What is the possibility of  removing that wall? The pre-renovation inspection is an opportunity to consult with a non-objective professional who has the technical background who may be able to fore see problems and offer best approaches. The Home Inspector will review just those parts of your home or cottage affected by the renovation. He will then prepare a list of items to consider before and during the renovation. In addition he may refer you to other profession organizations for further evaluation depending upon the complexity of the renovation.

The pre-renovation report will include a logical schedule and work plan for carrying out the renovation. This will include a clearly defined scope of work. Defining what you want, within the confines of your budget is critical to maintaining the quality of the project. Hiring a registered architect or certified architectural technologist to help you with the design and prepare drawings will guarantee that your plans are up to current building codes and will be accepted for a building permit. Without all of these elements, the possibility of scope creep and schedule and cost overruns are greatly enhanced.

Depending upon the size and type of renovation, most construction projects will need the expertise of a structural engineer and general contractor. If a structure, electrical, plumbing or heating modification to the existing system takes place then a building permit will be required. When modifications occur to an existing or older home, it is not unusual to find unforeseen problems that will need to be addressed during the course of the renovation. A contingency fund of  20%  to 30% (and could be greater for older homes) should be kept in reserve for this purpose. The older the home, the greater the likelihood that problems may arise. For this reason alone, it’s important to have qualified bonded professionals do the work and ensure a successful outcome to your renovation