What is included in the inspection

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Cillian asked 2 years ago

What does a home inspector look for?

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James Ellacott Staff answered 2 years ago

Here’s what to expect during a home inspection: A home inspector will look at;

  • general exterior: structure, foundation,
    • grading; trees, lane, walkways
    • roof;  covering, chimney, flashing, gutters, downspouts, fascia, soffits
  • structure:
    • foundation; cracks, previous repairs, leaks, damage
    • beams; beam pockets, anchoring, damage
    • roof system; cracks, failures, damaged gusset plates
  • electrical system: electrical panel, fixtures,
    • GFCI; (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters breakers) or outlets, ARC-fault breakers
    • wiring; copper, aluminum, knob & tube, 
  • HVAC system:
    • distribution; supply &return
    • air-conditioning; sealing at exterior wall, rust
    • air filters; humidifier, electrostatic air cleaner
  • Plumbing: water supply pipes, water distribution pipe, fixtures
    • drain; p-traps, s-traps, drain lines, floor drain
    • sump pump; sump pump discharge, cover
  • insulation:
    • types; blown in, batt, fiberglass, cellulose, vermiculite, styrofoam
    • damage; compaction, storage,wet, windblown
  • General interior:
    • floors; – carpet trip hazards, damage vinyl, windows – hardware,
    • leaks; stains on ceilings and floors/walls
    • doors; closers, hinges, latches

Then provide a written report with results.